“We are not a splash and dash cleaning service. There will be no horror stories to tell. Your expectations will be met or exceeded” Mardie VanBree - Natural Cleaning Systems

All of the services Natural Cleaning Systems offers are safe for sensitive adults, children, and pets.

Our cleaning agents are safe and harmless to the environment.

We safely Deep Clean: 


The majority of the carpet we clean will be dry before we leave.


If you think it cannot be cleaned or you have tried to have it cleaned and have been unsuccessful, please give us a call for a free, written, no obligation audit and quote


YES!! We can safely clean and cut in to the very edge, underneath & around your Computer Desk, Baseboards, Wall Units, Entertainment Centres ,Corners, Fire Places, Closets etc.


Safely deep clean all types of carpet and rugs. Natural/Synthetic and mix blends.


Safely deep clean all types of upholstery. Natural/Synthetic including Haitian Cotton Brocades and Tapestry. Office Partitions, Fabric Covered Walls, Pools Tables, RV, Aircraft, Buses, Water Craft. Natural Carpet Cleaning Systems can clean your home furniture right up to large scale seating such as Convention Centres, Theatre Seating, Dining Rooms, Arenas and etc. If it is covered with fabric, Natural Carpet Cleaning systems can clean it.

Note: Dry in about one Hour


Safely deep clean and condition your fine leather furniture or any other item you may have covered in leather.

Wall/Ceiling, Stucco, Acoustical Tile Cleaning


Safely deep clean all painted surfaces including ceramic tile, marble, stainless steel and rough textured surfaces. Even thick coatings of grease in a commercial kitchen are easily cleaned.

The beauty of carpet, upholstery, drapery and rugs is that they act as an air filter and actually collect and trap indoor air pollutants which increase your indoor air quality. As with any filter it needs regular cleaning.


Grout restoration

The thing that makes a tile or natural stone floor look old is dirty ugly grout. Natural Cleaning Systems can clean , seal and recolour your grout any Colour you would like it. This process will make your floor look new


Always vacuum in the direction that will make the pile of your carpet stand up. This not only gives you a better over all look but also opens up the carpet for more effective scrubbing of the fibres and removal of debris.

Let your vacuum and power head do the work. Do not go fast hunting visible debris. The idea is to give your vacuum and power head time to scrub the fiber clean and remove deep down loose particles. Walk very slowly with no high speed back and forth movement. This is much more effective and at the same time is much easier on you. This will also maintain your carpet appearance at a much higher level.


This is the black dirt line that forms along the base boards.

All carpets get it and it is the most noticeable on light colored carpets.

This is caused from the dirt that falls from the walls. Normal vacuuming will not get close enough to the edge to pick up this dirt.

In time, it turns to grime then becomes a stain.

Natural Cleaning Systems can safely remove this soil filtration line for you. Then to prevent this from recurring you should use the vacuum wand with no attachment and once a month suck up all the dirt and dust that is accumulating along the base board.


A spill does not become a problem until you let it dry and set in. Spills should be cleaned up immediately

(1) Lightly remove solids using a spoon or appropriate utensils

(2) Then with a clean white absorbent cloth blot up as much as you can, work from the outside to the inside. Do not rub.

(3) Wet with a small amount of water and continue blotting until no more of the spill shows up on the white cloth

(4) At this point you can use a home spot and stain removal. Follow instructions. For serious mishaps Natural Cleaning Systems will come by to take care of the problem for you. The longer the stain has to set in the harder it will be to remove.


In order to keep your carpets looking fresh and new, it should be professionally cleaned. In cases where you have heavy foot traffic, you may need periodic traffic lane cleaning which can be done quick and easy. This is very economical and will extend the life and beauty of your carpet. Natural Cleaning Systems can provide you with complete carpet management schedule that will increase your indoor air quality, the life span of your carpet, maintain its fresh new look and at the same time reduce your professional carpet care requirements.