There have been some amazing advancements in equipment and cleaning agents for the carpet cleaning industry which produce results and efficiencies never before achievable. Natural Cleaning Systems operates on the leading edge of these new technologies.

The days of soaking wet carpet, chemical fumes and soils that reappear do not exist with Natural Cleaning Systems.

There are several different methods to clean carpet and many different variations of each method. Every method has its own particular strengths and unique characteristics. Natural Cleaning Systems does not rely on a one method, one chemical does all approach.

Natural Cleaning Systems has an array of specialized cleaning equipment that will allow us to properly clean each and every different style and type of carpet.

The combination of our equipment, proprietary cleaning agents, knowledgeable and caring team is how we can consistently provide superior long lasting results “Beyond Compare”.

With constant research Mardie VanBree of Natural cleaning Systems can assure you that your cleaning needs will be met with the safest and most environmentally friendly, technologically advanced equipment and cleaning agents this industry has to offer.


Our carpet cleaning machines are specifically designed to deep clean carpet and rugs. These carpet machines quickly adjust to accommodate many different kinds of carpet pile and fibre types. The cleaning agents used vary depending on carpet type.
Note: Carpets are dry in about an hour.


Our upholstery cleaning machines are specifically designed to deep clean fabric and leather. Our upholstery cleaning machines quickly adjust to accommodate the many different kinds of fabric. The cleaning agents used in the upholstery cleaning machines vary depending on application.
Note: Fabrics are dry in about an hour or less.


The wall/ceiling cleaning machine is designed specifically to clean walls/ceiling or other flat washable surfaces and uses different cleaning agents according to requirements. Conventional wall/ceiling cleaning is called surface cleaning. Our process penetrates deep into pores and draws out dirt and grime to be cleaned. There is an invisible film left behind which produces an antistatic effect and at the same time it seals the pores to inhibit dirt or grime from re-entering.
Note: Dripless and streakless dries in minutes.